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We are a team of Strategic thinker, Investors, designers, and advisors with expertise in applying emerging technology to solve our client’s business problems. We provide a curated flow of strategic insights, targeted connectivity and actionable business opportunities. We believe in trusted and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Established in 2011 with a focus on Digital Identity and API economy enabling digital Transformation, we have now developed a broad range of services across a range of Strategic Intelligence and services related to decentralized data architecture Blockchain and WEB 3.0.

The leadership team

Nicolas Steiner ​

Nicolas Steiner


Paul Loeffler ​

Paul Loeffler


Cosmo Spens


We built relationships across innovation ecosystems and communities with start-ups, corporation, academics, investments house and advisory practices. While London is our hub, we have a network of professionals across Zurich, Paris, San Francisco, New-York, Shanghai, Singapore and Hongkong

Exploring New Boundaries

Digital Transformation

We uses our advanced API platform powered by Consekense , our joint Ventures. We are focusing on open innovation dedicated to support the Digital convergence across industry segments. Covering use cases from IoT, Web3.0, Blockchain, Mobile Money, Digital Identity, Data Value management & Artificial Intelligence.

Value through Innovation

We develop a Digital Maturity Gap analysis Model based on Digital enablers. As we operate at the heart of Digital Innovation across industries, we design, source and deliver iterative testing & Incubation for strategic business problem statements.

Field of expertise

Digital Identity

Well designed Digital identity services will enable individual to take control of their digital life via Self Sovereign identity (SSI).

The growing cybersecurity use cases with companies providing decentralized digital identity empowered by user wallet privacy-preserving access to digital services is evolving alongside government framework.

Embedded Finance

Open Banking frameworks are driving greater data sharing and opening up regulated business opportunities.

With an increasing level of companies integrating services through APIs Gateways, Embedded finance is transforming digital businesses and create a new benchmark for customer experience across countless industries beyond financial services.

Web3.0 & Blockchain

The decentralized web will move us to a world where digital communities contribute and own a shared profit through collaboration.

By breaking away from traditional business models, Web3 brings community-centered economies of scale with incentive mechanisms unlocking projects that were previously not possible

Token economics

The design of economic systems built on blockchain technology bring new token-economics model.

DeFi for “decentralized finance is one of the predominant application of Token economics, expanding the use of blockchain from simple value transfer to more complex financial use cases.

Our Network

We harness the power of cooperation to rethink and rewrite outdated practices in ways that will benefit individuals, organisations and ecosystems. See below a sample view of our network including a diverse set of corporations, economic development organizations, emerging tech ecosystems and beyond.

Devoting Time & Money to Digital Innovators

Connect in context

Our mission is to connect people and ideas. We are helping drive solutions to address business or social issues. We harness the power of cooperation to rethink and rewrite outdated practices in ways that will benefit individuals, communities and ecosystems.

Targeted exposure

Our network gives us access to critical signals, strategic intelligence and differentiated deal flow. We leverage our relationships to build strategic connectivity and access to the stakeholders that matter most in a specific business context

Investment and Incubation

We work with investors and entrepreneurs to design and scale innovative ideas, businesses and organisations. Our community support innovative value chain development for organisations exploring ideas where the key goal is new knowledge, bringing a true value for communities and sustainable ecosystems

Immersive Experiences

We surface strategic opportunities by opening dialogue and developing tailored experiences with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, regulators, policy makers, university and research centre. We provide peripheral and holistic vision for industry specific problem statements and deliver targeted deal flow, for strategic partnerships, investments and M&A.

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